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What do we do?

MARERE TAHITI was founded in 2014: We are specialized mainly in wooden paddles and we also make paddles with composite materials.We are always listening to what the Va’a trends are going and therefore we make our products evolve with it.



A paddle made in Tahiti is unique as it will get a “Mana” that you cannot find anywhere else…

We are always looking for the use of the best local wood essence to make our product as unique as possible.

How do we do it?

Here is the way you should look at your “Journey” with MARERE TAHITI: think about it as a personalized experience to not only purchase equipment but also to get more deep into the VA’A culture and getting unique experience out of this journey…
  • Search

    Look at our website and look at what seems to be what you want.

  • Idea

    You are ready to contact us, you have the idea of what you want from us!

  • Design

    Either MARERE TAHITI or one of his distributor will help you to get the unique product you want to have.

  • Your project!

    Now that we agreed on what is THE product you want, let's lock the project and let's get it into production!

  • Production & Delivery

    Let's MARERE get your product handmade and let's deliver it to you!

Our team

Kevin Holozet


Founded MARERE in 2014 and is dealing with the commercial and supervision of the company

Roland (Aroma) Tere

International Clinic

Joined MARERE to do International Clinic about VA’A.Captain of Shell Va’a until 2017.

Our Shapers!


5 Shapers are working on your beloved paddles!

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